At WEISS MARKETING GROUP, we specialize in end-to-end marketing solutions. Our world-class team of experts offers a range of integrated services that satisfy our clients' needs by identifying and understanding their customers, crafting an actionable strategy to increase their target audience and brand equity, and delivering measurable results. Our experience ranges across many industries: advertising, automotive, consumer packaged goods, education, financial services, government, health care, insurance, politics, publishing, retail and telecommunications.

We draw on our knowledge and experience to plan, launch and execute effective marketing programs--from conducting the research to calculating your return on investment. We begin by examining the Americans who buy your products or services and then build detailed customer profiles using extensive behavior databases. The resulting profiles include survey-based maps and insights into preferred media products and leisure activities.   Among the key aspects we explore:

• who your customers are (their demographics, lifestyle types and top media markets);

• how they live (what products and activities they prefer);

• what media they enjoy (TV shows, radio programs, music types, magazine titles and online Web sites); and

• strategies to win them away from your competition (comparing products by lifestyle, values and media).

We compare your customer information to that of competitors, looking for ways to gain market share in your industry.   And we develop a statistically sound and actionable marketing plan for targeting your current and potential customers.   Every plan features a recommended media buy plan and strategic planning ideas to improve customer relationship management and brand equity.

Whether you need a direct-mail postcard to reach millions of households nationwide or a product sweepstakes targeted to a single market, WEISS MARKETING GROUP can satisfy your marketing needs.




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To determine the PRIZM segment of any zip code, visit the Claritas website "You Are Where You Live."

"You turn my lemons into lemonade."

--William Engel,
   Simmons Market
   Research Bureau

"To help with the imaging and marketing launch of a new geodemographic cluster system for Canada, Michael Weiss brought extensive experience and expertise to the project—ensuring the highest quality of documentation and marketing materials for the system. He became a member of our team, doing whatever was necessary to make our product and its launch successful ."

-- Jan Kestle,
   Environics Analytics


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