He is known as "The Demographic Detective"--one of the nation's top authorities on demographics, lifestyles and consumer trends and the author of three critically acclaimed books used by marketers, business executives and government leaders.  Michael J. Weiss, the founder and president of WEISS MICROMARKETING GROUP , brings more than 20 years of experience in the marketing research industry as an award-winning journalist, insightful social commenter and veteran practitioner.   In the articles and excerpts below, he explains how his brand of lifestyle-based marketing and analysis can help unlock the mysteries of the global marketplace and power your business to greater success.


As a business journalist, Michael has most of his career covering the marketing and market research communities.   Here are some of the recent cover stories he's written for American Demographics:

Generation Y
"To Be About To Be," September 2003
A new look at consuming patterns of 21-year-old Americans.

Consumer Confidence
"Inside Consumer Confidence Surveys," February 2003
How consumer confidence surveys affect the American marketplace--from Wall Street to Main Street.

Baby Boomers
"Chasing Youth," October 2003
A report on why Boomers are spending $30 billion a year in their quest to stay young.

Consumer Spending
"Inconspicuous Consumption," April 2002
How shifting tastes and demographics are changing the way consumers spend.


In 1988, Michael J. Weiss introduced general audiences to the PRIZM lifestyle segmentation systems with his book The Clustering of America, which was named one of the best business books of the year.   In 1994, he mapped the consumer patterns for everything from Twinkies to theme parks in Latitudes & Attitudes: An Atlas of American Tastes, Trends, Politics and Passions.   Most recently, he explored the three largest lifestyle segmentation systems in the world--PRIZM in the U.S., PSYTE in Canada and MOSAIC throughout Europe--in his book The Clustered World, published in 2000.   Over his career, he's traveled hundreds of thousands of miles and interviewed more than 1,000 people--local residents, politicians, shopkeepers, librarians, clergymen, even street people--to learn first-hand how they spend their time and money.   That background is invaluable in helping companies understand why their customers do what they do in the marketplace.   Read an excerpt from The Clustered World.



Want to know where Americans buy cell phones or computers, snack cakes or chardonnay?   Looking to find out how the new census trends will affect your company's top markets and competitors?   Michael J. Weiss can provide the answers in a lively speech and PowerPoint presentation highlighting consumer preferences and attitudes around the country.   Drawing on thousands of surveys and first-hand interviews, the president of WEISS MICROMARKETING GROUP offers insightful commentary, colorful maps and survey-based data about how we live, what we buy and how the marketplace is changing. Contact the Authors Unlimited speaker's bureau to discuss an engagement.

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In clear, graphic format, survey-based maps show the relative popularity of products, services and contemporary issues across the U.S. landscape.   For companies wanting to know where to find their customers--across the nation or in a single market-- WEISS MICROMARKETING GROUP maps provide valuable insights for strategic planning, media buying or site selecting for retail outlets.

Funeral Services
American Demographics,
April 2001

Brie vs. Velveeta in Washington, DC
The Clustered World, January 2000

Caller ID
The Atlantic Montly, July 1999

June 1, 1998

Coke vs. Pepsi
U.S. News & World Report,
August 5, 1996

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