For a major oil company, WEISS MICROMARKETING GROUP used the PRIZM segmentation system to profile the client's consumers and determined that two distinct groups of lifestyle types purchased one of the company's recently introduced brands. To increase both brand recognition and sales, we developed a two-pronged rebate campaign targeted to these two lifestyle groups: midscale twentysomethings who liked working on their cars and upscale professionals who preferred having garages service their vehicles. Then we mapped the markets with the highest concentrations of these two groups and sent out 500,000 flyers offering product rebates. Using lifestyle surveys, our creative team created distinct artwork and copy that spoke to the two different groups. What used to take months of study and analysis was completed in just a few short weeks.


Mailer for Midscale Twentysomethings


Mailer for Upscale Professionals



Survey sample

Lifestyle Lookup
To determine the PRIZM segment of any zip code, visit the Claritas website "You Are Where You Live."



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