At WEISS MARKETING GROUP, we offer a range of survey-based profiles and maps, analytical reports and tables to help guide your marketing campaign. Among the deliverables:

I.   Survey-Based Reports - Available for virtually any product, brand, consumer segment and distribution channel.

            Who The Customers Are
                        Lifestyles of a Brand's Consumers (by PRIZM cluster
                                   types, with segments ranging from Upper Crust
                                   to Big City Blues)
                        Demographics of a Brand's Consumers
                                   (at the national level)
                        Profiles of the Customers of Competitors
                        Database Enhancement

            How They Live
                        Favorite Sports & Leisure Activities
                        Preferred Foods & Beverages
                        Automotive Tendencies
                        Electronics & Appliance Preferences
                        Preferred Stores
                        Health and Beauty Products
                        Shopping Tendencies
                        Favorite Brands among Different Products
                                   and Industries

            What Media They Prefer
                        Top TV Shows & Cable Networks
                        Preferred Magazines & Newspapers
                        Favorite Radio Formats & Music Genres
                        Issues They Care About
                        Favored Marketing Vehicles (catalog, direct mail,
                                   coupon, email)

            How to Beat the Competition
                        Comparisons of Two or More Brands by Lifestyle,
                        Media & Consumer Behavior
                        Comparisons of Two or More Brands by Geographic &
                                   Demographic Markets
                        Comparisons of Two or More Brands by Values &

II.   Survey Based Maps - Four-color quartile maps provide easy-to-understand geographic portraits of areas of high and low brand recognition for your products and those of the competition.   The maps can be produced at all levels of geography--from nationwide maps divided into the 212 media markets down to ZIP+4 levels of micro-geography, averaging 10 households nationwide.

III.   Analytical Reports - Our reports, written in clear and understandable prose, include strategic planning ideas to improve customer relationship management and build your brand equity.   Read an Excerpt

IV.   Direct Marketing Programs - Our marketing plans feature suggested data-based media buy strategies :   the best magazines, TV shows and radio programming to run your ads as well as the most relevant music and leisure activities to help develop the appropriate creative images to push the hot buttons of your customers. See a Sample.


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