providing expertise in lifestyle-based target marketing.

In today's fragmented consumer society, few companies truly understand their customers' needs, lifestyles, media patterns and marketplace behavior.   That's why we formed the WEISS MICROMARKETING GROUP, bringing together a team of uniquely qualified marketing research, strategy and communications professionals to provide lifestyle-based target marketing solutions for all kinds of businesses — from global Fortune 500 corporations to local Mom-and-Pop shops.

We specialize in consumer research, analysis and targeted marketing services. As licensed resellers of Claritas data reports and the PRIZM segmentation system, we have the statistical muscle to profile your customers, prospects and competitors:   revealing not just their demographics but their lifestyles, product preferences and media tastes. As veteran marketers from varied disciplines, we have the creativity and management skills to lead innovative direct marketing campaigns—from research to execution to ROI analysis.   WEISS MICROMARKETING GROUP is that rare marketing services company that mixes hardcore number crunching with imaginative and effective creative strategies to grow your company's customers and revenues.

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